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    DW6 Fluid Grid Layout - multiple side bar divs


      I'm working to rewrite my current FP website using DW6.  I'd like a left sidebar to include navigation, and below that some filler.  If I just use one div for both nav and filler then on the mobile layout the filler comes before content which really isn't desirable.  But with using two sidebar divs I end up with lots of blank space between the sidebar divs once the content area gets filled up.   The lay out that I was trying to use can be seen at: http://sandplumcreek.com/temp.htm  The website that I'm trying to remake can be seen at: http://www.blackmesaranch.com/ 

      So what I'd like with the desktop view is to have a nav menu with filler below it on the left, and on the right would be header below which would be content.  That would be easy to do except that it won't work for a good mobile view since on the mobile view I don't want the filler to show up at all, or if it does show up I'd want it at the end - after the content.

      How can I make that happen?

      Thanks so much for any suggestions!