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    Got "mouseover" play label on timeline working - need help adding "mouseout" play reverse


      Okay - I am fairly new to Jquery and JavaScript - but been working through tutorials.... then I got Animate, and created a cool intro logo animation - then decided it would be really cool to add a custom navigation menu.


      What I'm trying to accomplish is he follwoing:


      I have rotated text (-90 on text div rotation) with a background behind it for a navigtion bar that goes up the side of my site.


      When I hover over it - I want a box to rotate out to the right side of it in normal orientation, that will allow a list of pages (text divs) to be clicked on and go to a page.


      When I move off the original text to the new box - I want it to stay up so I can click on the text.


      If I move off to another button - I want it to play the sequence of the original animation in reverse (box rotates back and disappears - then the box for that button rotates out and appears.


      I hope this makes sense.


      So - I got the buttons made, I got the rotate out animation made and have the .mouseover event to work and play. I set "stop" triggers on the timeline to stop it.


      Here's what I don't have: I can't figure out how to get the .mouseout event to work.


      If I move directly down to the next button- the original rotatation animation stays in place. If I move off the button first, it will just disappear.


      If I move over to the pop out menu, it disappears.


      Ugh - any ideas?


      Anyone think I should just create something in Flash?


      Anyone think I'm just crazy?


      Including some screenshots to help explain:


      If you even have a tutorial you prefer to send me to in any format (CSS, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, FLASH, EDGE ANIMATE) I am happy for the help.


      The site I am trying to put this on is:

      Home page (would not need the menu) http://newdesign.ourhappyhorses.com/index.html

      Category page (would need the menu) http://newdesign.ourhappyhorses.com/ourhorses.html#&panel1-1

      Content page (would need the menu) http://newdesign.ourhappyhorses.com/zip/zip.php


      Seeing how I've limited my space may help you understand why I'm trying to do the thin menu up the left side...


      Thanks again!




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