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    My hard disk was replaced, now PE isn't working!


      My laptop was having problems, which ended in my motherboard and hard disk being replaced. Before doing this, I basically copied my entire hard disk to an external drive. I then copied everything back onto my laptop with its brand new hard disk, but now when I try to open PE it tells me to uninstall then reinstall it. The problem is that it technically isn't installed onto the new hard disk! I have no way of uninstalling it! What do I do to get it working again?


      More info:

      It's Adobe Premiere Elements 9.

      I use Windows 7.

      I have no access to my old hard disk (just what I copied onto the external drive for backup/storage).

      Since I copied the entire hard disk, the program and everything with it is on my new one, but I can't figure out how to uninstall or reinstall it.

      (I'm having the same problem with Photoshop CS3 Extended, if anyone can help me with that too.)