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    Can't cancel Creative Cloud

    kym77 Level 1

      I met my annual contract commitment, toward the end I was sent an email letting me know the annual contract was ending. The email stated that I needed to stop the auto-renewal or the membership would continue, which I did stop auto-renewal. Once I did stop it, I received an email stating that my CC would turn to a free account. When I tried to cancel my free account, I was sent to chat CS who told me that I never stopped auto-renewal and that the reason I haven't been billed is because of billing issue with my credit card. Furthermore, my membership (free or otherwise) cannot be cancelled. He went on to inform that I would not be billed for the months that passed (why?), but if I were to cancel I would be charged 50% for early cancellation. This isn't true. I specifically remember the email giving the option to end auto-renewal. What I do not like is that I cannot get into my account the way I could when Creative Cloud started 8/2012-9/2013. Also, I don't like that it's so hard to cancel, find mailing address or speak to anyone. I have reviewed my contract over and over and no where does it state that I have an lifetime commitment with Adobe Creative Cloud.


      What the Live Chat CS told me want not true. I barely use Adobe CC, I got for school. I met my commitment, but I feel this is entrapment,  by making it soooo difficult to cancel and using vague language, this will be a class action case in the future. Why does it have to be this way? This reflects  horribly on this company. Before I live chatted with  CS I was considering a Photoshop only option, but I just want out of Adobe. Can anyone help me?

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