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    Font problem


      I keep receiving message saying fonts are missing. Am I doing something wrong ?indesign error.JPG

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          This message means that the listed fonts are not available on your system. Was the InDesign file created on another computer?


          Ask the person who created the file to File > Package the InDesign file, this will collect the fonts used in the file in a folder called 'Document fonts', and you can then open the InDesign file from within parent folder and it will use the fonts from the Document fonts folder.





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            Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

            Alternatively install the missing fonts on your computer if these fonts are used across multiple InDesign jobs.



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              JSAD Level 1

              Hi Jansen,


              Thank you for replying.


              I created the document myself. And the fonts that I used were available in my scrolling menu on my PC, the same PC that I used to create the document. When I check my fonts in windows, they are all there. I find that strange!




              Joseph Skaff


              10262 rue Clark


              Montréal. Qc. H3L 2R9

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                Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

                @ Joseph


                Is this font issue affecting the display of fonts in your document? Or does it only appear, but has no effect on the text formatting? (e.g. all your text formatting in the document is OK?). Also are you using a third party font management application at all?


                When you've opened the document (click Cancel in Missing Fonts dialog):

                • Select Type > Find Font...
                • Select one of the missing fonts in the list.
                • Click More Info... (what info is listed here?)
                • Also click Find First to find the first occurrence of a missing font in your document...


                With some of the text highlighted in the Control panel (Click Character Formatting Controls), what the Font and Font Style are for the text with the missing font?


                • Are they listed in [fontname-here] or [fontstyle-here]?  (this means they are missing)


                One thing you can try and do is clear the font caches in your system:

                • Close all your applications
                • Do a search for 'Adobefnt*.lst' and you'll find a bunch of files named "Adobefnt01.lst"
                • Delete these files


                Hope some of the above will help.