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    Layer hierarchy has no effect.


      AE CS6 on an HP 820z, Wn 7


      This surprises me:


      I am moving ahead just one frame and you can see from the timeline that the first image below: Layer "Bonnie full field shot" is above the precomposed layer "Bonnie 3D no lettering." In this first image, the cursor is one frame before the the last layer. And yet when I move the cursor just one frame ahead, with many frames of the upper layer left to go at 100% opacity, I might add, the upper layer "Bonnie full field shot" disappears as if it were "under" the lower one. Is there a way I can make the upper layer maintain it's visual primacy until I fade it?



      Capture 1.JPG


      Now one more frame, even though there is still more of the layer above it, the upper one disappears.


      Capture 2.JPG.