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    Photoshop saved a PSD file with security permissions, and now I can't access it.  Please help!


      Using Photoshop CC, I saved a PSD file after several hours of editing.  I also exported a TIF file from the PSD.  After closing Photoshop, I cannot access either file in any way.  I cannot even copy them.


      going to properties --> security, I get a message that reads, "You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object."  Click Advanced to continue.


      When I click Advanced, it says "Unable to display current owner", and in none of the three tabs available (Permissions, Auditing, or Effective Access) can I click "Continue" and get any further than the message, "You do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission settings".


      Please help me.  This is highly frustrating, and a bug that is costing me over an hour of my time troubleshooting.


      Thank you.



      I rebooted, and the files are... gone. Photoshop CC has no record of the file under "Open Recent".

      What just happened? I lost a good 2 hours of work and a unique photograph



      I restarted the project, saved a PSD with Maximize Compatibility selected.  Verified this file has appropriate permissions. 

      When I then go to File --> Save (not "Save as", but "Save"), after progressing to 90% or so, an error message comes up, "Could not save 'O:\[path]\file.PSD' because the file name was not valid."

      I click "OK", and then go to the original file and check its permissions.  They are now changed to "You must have read permissions".