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    External Interface IE7

      Are there any work arounds for getting the External Interface call / callback to work with IE7 and no IDs are set? Is it possible to set the ID from Flash after the SWF is loaded? I tried and it still doesn't seem to work with External Interface. Any detail on how External Interface actually interfaces to Javascript, something more than the simple documentation material on forums?

      I'm in a situation where the ID is simply not set ahead of time before loading the SWF. I need to get External Interface working with IE and have been wracking my brain.

      Thanks in advance for advice.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Q: How/why would you ever be in a situation where you couldn't assign a unique id attribute? I can't understand that. You just need a unique (and valid) id attribute. If you're dealing with server code e.g. a CMS that inserts flash, then you can have the server code assign a unique id (I do this with swfobject). If you're doing it from javascript -changing the DOM on the fly - the same applies.
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            fullboost Level 1
            I have a similar problem

            My flash is inserted in the page via JS and this JS also creates the ID fro the flash/div tag. I am doing this so the function can be dynamic by calling any swf and also pass that swf dynamic variables through the swfObject.

            The external interface will not fire, this only happens in IE7

            Server side code is not an option.

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              Greg Dove Level 4
              If your script is generating a unique id, also make sure that it is a valid id. Firefox is forgiving if you don't adhere to the rules for an id attribute. IE is not.
              Reading this might help if that is the case: