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    Transparent Edge?

    carta mundi

      Hello, is it possible to maken an animation with a transparency background?


      I looks so...but when i do it...the gradient shows color to black in stead of transparency...??

      I when i import it in muse...i see also that edge design has a white background ( instead of the transparency that i like to want..)


      grt mars

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          On the Stage properties, click the Color Picker (Soild or Gradient).


          To remove the Soild color, to the right drag the Alpha slider to the bottom.

          To adjust a color stop of a Gradient, do the same thing, but select the color stop first on the left; then adjust the Alpha slider to the bottom. (See attached)

          File > Publish Settings > ADP.


          Insert into Muse.



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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hey, Mars-


            We've been looking into this bug, which seems to happen on OAM publish for alpha on the stage.  I've been able to reproduce this in EA2.  I'll keep you informed as we have more information.





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