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    multi-bitrate HLS/HDS not aligned at key-frame boundary


      We are facing an issue with Adobe Media Server with HLS/HDS segmentation while streaming multi-bitrate from a livepkgr event.


      The individual ts segments/f4f fragments are not starting with a key-frame even though rtmp publishing is done with key frames at fixed interval, as a result of which there are corruptions on some players whenever bitrate is switched and on some players, we can see older data being replayed on bitrate switching.


      We have tried both frame-based as well as time-based configuration in livepkgr Event.xml.


      Is there a way to make the HLS/HDS packaging always start at key-frame boundary?


      In our case,



      gop size=60 (2 seconds)

      HDS fragment size=20 seconds

      HLS segment size=10 seconds