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    How to read files from cq5..

    Sony006 Level 1



      Here i want to get a pdf file from the "/content/myproj-data/docs/demo.pdf" path and then want to convert this into images...(I am using cq5.6.1)


      Whenever i started this process using the File I/O stream, i am not able to get the pdf file from the above path .....whenver i took from the static localpath (d://files/demo.pdf) i am able to fulfill my requirement ..


      Here whats happening is, when pass /content/myproj-data/docs/demo.pdf to the InputStream , it is changing as "\content\myproj-data\docs\demo.pdf" (Instead of "/" itz taking "\").


      Is there a better way to read pdf file from cq5 and convert into image??


      Please share!!!


      Thanks in advance


      Sony C.