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    Flash Help Output


      I have Robohelp 5x and using Word 2002 and I recented updated to CS3 (suite). For all of my flash help output I use the started blue skin, have a generic TOC and a small glossary. Typically I make my updates and then go to View Primary layout and the help files will generate/regenerate and everything is fine.

      Well, it's not working any more. I suspect from what I've read here it had something to do with Flash, but I am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem or know a work around? I'm at a loss.

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          Ben Minson Level 2

          Can you give us more details? "It's not working anymore," is a little vague. What exactly are you seeing or not seeing? Any errors or warnings?

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            webmstir Level 1
            Thank you for writing back.

            I wasn't seeing anything after making my updates. I thought it may have been a Flash 9 issue with security. It turns out that it may have been a permission problem. I did not know or am not 100% sure what happens when a user needs to publish content. When I compared the previous output files to what was being created without administrator permission the were about 100 or so less files compiled.

            This forum is very helpful and I appreciate the help. If anyone has a recommendation what I should read to learn more about output files and permissions I'd gladly take them. My problem is working now after my admin rights were added back on my local machine. It would be nice to be able to have some back up documentation incase I have to argue with my IT department to get admin rights restored should it happen again.

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              Ben Minson Level 2
              Are you saying that IT gave you admin rights back temporarily and then removed them again? From posts I've seen in the forum, having admin rights affects at least installation, but I don't remember reading that it affects output generation. Has anyone else has come across this problem?

              I don't know if there's any official documentation that suggests that RH plays nicer on machines or with user accounts that have admin privileges after installation.

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                I did some testing just yesterday to establish whether or not local admin rights are necessary to work with RoboHelp. The testing was done with RH6 as I know things have been changed for RH7 and have been assured that local admin rights are only required in the new version for installation and activation. Thereafter I am, as I said, assured that is no longer true.

                In RH6 though, as soon as my local admin rights were removed, I started getting the standard warnings about what needed to be registered, and registering did not change that! As far as I can make out, RH6 and earlier requires local admin rights.

                I will be delighted if someone can prove me wrong and tell me what is needed to run RH6 or earlier without local admin rights.