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    Customizing Skins

      I am having a problem with a custom job I've done on one of the skins from the skin gallery. I've created a custom tab for a 3rd party search engine I've integrated in my help file and went into the skin editor and created a new tab, titled search. To avoid duplicate search tabs, I disabled the regular search through the compile builder. Everything works fine but a small problem. When I mouse over all the tabs they change colour. When I click on the tabs, they change colour except my custom tab. It reverts back to the On colour when I want it to change to the Off colour.

      Is this action done through some kind of JS?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi gthomson_ca

          While I'm pretty certain the answer will lie in the JavaScripting, I'm hard pressed to tell you exactly where. I believe the issue here is that any custom buttons were expected to carry out simple actions. The existing buttons (TOC/Index/Glossary/Search) were all configured to change the navigation pane. Hence the reason they remain in the "selected" state.

          Wish I had more to offer here... Rick