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    Keyboard freeze in Mavericks


      Ok, I'm going completely bonkers over here.
      After foolishly updating my Macbookpro Retina 15" (mid 2012) to Mavericks, Photoshop (cc) has started to act up in the way that my keyboard freezes up and I have to tap with either my wacom (intous4) pen a couple of times in the working area (or anywhere really) or click with my mouse to get it to unfreeze. It does this every 30 seconds or so and it may not sound like a huge deal, but since I on average spend around 10h a day in PS it gets REALLY annoying and hampers my ability to focus on what I'm doing. I've searched around for a couple of days here, on the Apple forums and Wacom forums looking for a sollution but none even seem to acknowledge that the problem exist, even though there are multiple threads about this issue. I've tried reinstalling photoshop and the wacom drivers (also tried rolling back to older drivers) but to no avail. Multiple monitors is not causing the problem, since it still occurs when working with only the laptop screen too. No third- party softwares installed either.
      Anyone got any idea of how to get rid of this?



      So I just noticed another wierd thing: My history will clear out every now and then at random. I don't know if this is connected to the issue with my keyboard but maybe it might provide some clue as to what is going on.

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          Same issue with LR 5 and my apple bluetooth keyboard freezes.  See my post yesterday. Tried calling Apple-no idea as to what is causing problem [ tried 3 different keyboards ].  Had same with LR 4 and called Adobe, no answer after sending them screen shots etc.  A puzzel and exasperating.  Need to use USB keyboard w LR 5.

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            I have a similar problem when using Photoshop CS6.  Apple disown the problem and so does Adobe.  Both blame each other.

            Photoshop: Using the 'Clone stamp tool' causes the keyboard to 'freeze' every so often (usually accompanied with a short sound from the speakers).

            Hold down 'cmd' & press 'alt' key 5 times seems to clear the keyboard until I use the 'alt' button with 'Clone stamp tool' five more times and I repeat

            the process Hold down 'cmd' & press 'alt' key 5 times again!

            Is this the same as your problem?

            My solution works every time but a pain to have to do.


            Hope this helps

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              mt4748 wrote:


              I have a similar problem when using Photoshop CS6…


              Are you also on Yosemite?  Is your Photoshop updated to Photoshop CS6 v13.0.6?

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                AnnShelbourne Level 2

                Check the state of the battery because they are inclined to swell as they go bad with age; and the swelling interferes with the keyboard and trackpad which are located directly over the battery.

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                  Right on target, Ann!


                  As a matter of fact, I acquired my Mac Book literally from the trash because my wife had discarded it when the Genius Bar at Apple told her the machine could not be repaired.  I just ordered a generic battery from amazon.com for under $30 (no point in getting a genuine Apple battery, since those are the ones that swell in the first place) and the Mac Book has been working perfectly well since then.