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    Error 1 after install and again and again and again

    DVDStyler is excellent



      Win 8 . 1 - PRE 9.01


      I had repeated problems loading PRE after giving up with it before, I am starting to remember why I gave up with it before.


      I put JPG into Organizer from C:\aa   Organizer immediately tells me it can't find E:\aa\.


      Tried time and again same stupid message.


      Dis-mounted E: drive and uninstalled / reinstalled several times.   Cleaned registry, cleaned debris in Program Files (86) \ Adobe (Premier element and Organizer directories left over)


      Now program doesn't run at all.


      With help of other members we think it maybe PRE thinks it a great idea to remember the serial number of the dik it first installed on - my current E: would have been a C: a while ago.   Why would this ever be a good idea?


      Please don't advise me to give you more money to upgrade.