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    After Effects CC will not let me stop RAM previews of "heavier" projects


      Hello friends,




      Windows 7 x64 (fully updated)


      After Effects CC (fully updated)


      Quicktime 7 pro (latest version)


      Nvidia GTX 580 (latest drivers)

      Intel i7 3960X 3.30 GHZ (latest bios)

      32gb RAM

      250gb SSD



      I'm having an issue where any sort of project with a lot of layers (or simply a long render time per-frame) will get stuck if I let it RAM preview, as in I cannot cancel the RAM preview until it has finished rendering the in/out points. Right now I'm working on a film and so there are some average to high amounts of effects going on in multiple comps.


      I will try to click around in After Effects, press num_0, escape, double-click a new project in windows explorer to try to bring up the save prompt, etc... and I just cannot get it to stop RAM previewing. The one thing that has worked, and it may have just been by sheer luck or timing, was opening Task Manager and closing all instances of the following exes:


      • Adobe CEF Helper
      • Adobe QT32 Server
      • AdobeICPBroker


      After ending those I have been able to get back RAM preview to respond to clicking (this hasn't been exstenviely tested though)


      Here are some screenshots of my Cache and Multiprocessor settings



      Thanks in advance for any advice!