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    AS2 loaded swf file mc.play() and mc.stop() not working?

    Sunil Kumar Sah Level 1



      I am trying to load swf file in AS2 using MovieClipLoader from other domain and then  trying to play and stop loaded swf file from parent swf file but it is not working on domain. It is wokring perfectly okay in local pc url i.e. file:///C:/Users/Sunil/Desktop/test/index.html  (Working as expected)


      But same time I put my entire setup embed in html page then it is not working. Please review below link -


      http://divinestreaming.com/projects/test/   - Not working

      file:///C:/Users/Sunil/Desktop/test/index.html  (Working as expected)


      Rest all properties of AS2 MovieClip working as expected but play() and stop() not working.


      If i put swf file in same domain then  it is working as expected but same time when I am trying to load swf file from other domain from my domain then it is not working.



      Please advise how to solve this problem.



      Best regards,