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    Adobe InDesign CC - unusable.

    Anita Lima

      I have been unable to use InDesign CC properly for the past 3 months. I assume that this is partially due to the upgrade of Mavericks to the Mac. I would have thought that two major companies could, for the sake of their customers', talk to one another in order to avoid the mess that has evolved in the past few months.


      I've listed several problems so that you have some idea as to what is going on with this software. (For the want of a better word!)


      1.     The tools panel is virtually unusable - no matter how many times a person's clicks; double clicks, etc., etc.,It rarely works.

      2.     The Master Page malfunctions owing to the fact that it is impossible to click, double click and use the master pages.

      3.     If one tries to create a background on a master page, the software jumps to a normal page/spread.

      4.     Also, it is impossible to move from one page/spread to another as the software doesn't allow this function.


      These are just a few of the problems I have had with this software. I have lost work and money owing to Adobe's inability to provide a reliable service. I really think it's about time they got their act together and sorted this mess out, as they charge us enough for this appalling service.


      Can someone please help? Customer support is a complete and utter waste of space!