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    Scrolling Text Box

      Hi, I have been hand coding a dynamic web site and have my TextBoxes that load in their content from external .txt files.

      Does anyone know how i waould go about making them into scrolling text boxes?

      I can find solutions on how to do this, but none that tell you how to do it purley buy coding it.

      Here is the current code for one of the TextBoxes:

      _root.createTextField("theTextBox2",10,400,260,375 ,330);
      theTextBox2.background = false;
      theTextBox2.border = false;
      theTextBox2.backgroundColor = 0xFFFFFF;
      theTextBox2.borderColor = 0x000000;
      theTextBox2.multiline = true;
      theTextBox2.wordWrap = true;
      theTextBox2.variable = "myText2";
      myText2.onLoad = function() {
      theTextBox2.html = true;
      var myCSS = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      myCSS.onLoad = function() {
      theTextBox2.styleSheet = myCSS;
      loadVariables("Content/homeR.txt", "_root");

      From what I now know, I will need to create two new buttons; one to scroll down when clicked and one to scroll up.
      I can create the buttons but i am qiute stuck when it comes to getting the scrolling working...

      Many Thanks for any help can be given.