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    Save for Web Issue


      I recently discovered that save for web is no longer functioning as expected on my machine. The problem showed up for the first time yesterday and may be the result of a recent update, though I hadn't paid close attention to which CC updates I've applied in the last few weeks.


      What's happening is that whenever I use save for web to export a file, browsers are unable to display it. Most browsers simply fail to load it and Firefox reports "The image 'xyz.png' cannot be displayed because it contains errors.


      Sounded like a textbook case of trying to load an image that uses CMYK, but this is not the case. Color mode is RGB with sRGB as the color profile in use. I get the same results if I use save for web to export gif, jpg or png, even on newly-created PSD files. I have tried a number of different settings/variations for export and if I simply use save as to export a png, all is well.


      Opening the PSD file on another computer with CS6 and using save for web works just fine, so I don't think it's the file.


      Anyone else experiencing this? I saw a reference to somethign similar in another post suggesting a complete reinstall of Photoshop, but am hoping there's a simpler fix.