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    swf properties

    phield Level 1
      Hello -- I may have made a mess of things here. I am new to Actionscript.

      I have a master SWF ("master.swf") file, and using a MovieClipLoader I have loaded a few SWFs into the master. One of these SWFs is a main navbar made up of a series of buttons ("main_nav.swf"), and another is a photo montage, which cycles through a series of photos using motion tweens ("photo_montage.swf"). These photos are in a movie clip called "photoMontage_mc" within the SWF file. When "master.swf" loads, both of these other SWFs load on different levels, at the same time (nav on level 15, montage on level 5).

      I want to be able to click one of the buttons in the loaded "main_nav.swf" on level 15 and control the alpha (set to 40%) the "photo_montage.swf" on level 5. Also, it would be really excellent to be able to stop the photo montage from playing (so stop and dim on click of one of the main nav buttons).

      Can this be accomplished? I would be most appreciative of any help!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          yes, it can be done. from anywhere (including _level15) you can use:

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            phield Level 1
            Thanks very much for the info!

            I can make this work by adding this code to the "main_nav" file, (creating a function with an onRelease event handler). I am still having trouble, though, adding this script to the master file (level0), and clicking a button in "main_nav.swf" (level15) to fade/ & stop "photo_montage.swf" (level5). In effect, when all swfs load, click a nav button to control the montage, but place the script in the master file. Is this even possible, or does the code need to appear in the same fla/swf with the nav buttons?

            Thanks again for your info -- very helpful!