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    How can I transfer FormsCentral Subscription?

    Joe in Nebraska

      We have an employee that is no longer with us.  I found that our FormsCentral account is tied to her.  How can I transfer this account to a different employee?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There is no concept of exactly transferring a subscription, but assuming that you have access to the account you can change the AdobeID (email address) associated with the account.


          NOTE: Make sure the new email address you'd like to use DOES NOT have an existing AdobeID or this will not work:


          1) Log in to FormsCentral with the current email

          2) On the upper right corner, select the "person" icon, select "My Information" and in the dialog  Click the "Change" button next to Adobe ID (the AdobeID is the email address you use to sign in). You can change the email address for the Adobe ID, note that you will have to verify this new account/email.


          Once you change it, verify your account by clicking the link in the email from adobe to your new email address..