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    Combo as itemEditor

      I am using a comboBox component as an itemEditor within a datagrid and am dispatching an event on a change in the comboBox
      dispatchEvent(new DataGridEvent("dgDataChange", true,false,col,field));
      I can catch this and send it to a listener function no problem.
      However, in the listener function I would like to access the selected item of the ComboBox.
      public function updateMe(event:DataGridEvent):void{

      if(event.columnIndex ==0){
      //Do something with the data from the comboBox
      //Do Nothing

      } }
      Does anyone have an idea how to get that data? I see that I can dispatch a reference to the itemRenderer
      DataGridEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean = false, cancelable:Boolean = false, columnIndex:int = -1, dataField:String = null, rowIndex:int = -1, reason:String = null, itemRenderer:IListItemRenderer = null, localX:Number)

      But am unsure whether it is the way, or how to actually implement it. Is it a class reference or a reference to a variable?? Hmm… Anyway, if anyone can help me out, it might save my hair.