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    Still Unresolved-please help: Organizer Grid Photos below sight on screen


      Thank you to those who tried to help a few days ago when I first posted this. Nothing has worked though, so I’m hoping to find a way to fix this.


      Screen Shot below is from my iMac on whichI have Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.


      When viewing the grid in my Organizer albums, I can't see or access:

      * the bottom rowS of photos-- I can see a slim line of the top of each photo but not a complete photo of any on the bottom rowS

      * the slide bar

      * the bottom right corner of the Adobe Organizer screen.


      The slide bar disappears from sight when I scroll down to try to see to the bottom of the screeen, and only a portion of those bottom row/rows is visible.


      I've used the minimizer/maximizer green button in the left top corner— almost nothing changes when I use that button.


      I've moved my dock to the left of my screen instead of at the bottom. Still can't see those pictures or the bottom right corner of the Adobe Organizer screen.


      I've quit and restarted the application.  


      It was recommended that I:

      1. (first I quit Adobe) go to the system preferences and set the screen resolution to the lowest possible number, which for me is 1344x756. This enlarged the font and display of the Adobe and everything else. 
      2. then I opened Adobe again.
      3. I was then told to revert back, in my system settings, to the regular display setting. The Adobe Organizer grid display was supposed to snap back to the proper view, but nothing changed. The lower right corner is still out of view.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 10.56.39 AM.png
      Please help! THis is driving me nuts.
      Thank you so much,