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    Using JavaScript to auto populate a field based on numeric value of a separate drop down field


      Hello, I am trying to set up a simple, I hope, javascript which will enable to me auto populate one field based on the numberic value of another field using Acrobat Pro XI.


      Essentially I have 2 drop down fields (we'll call them DD1 and DD2).


      DD1 is the sum of 8 preceding drop down values. That sum can be anywhere from 0 - 40. Whatever that sum falls within a range which identifies a rating. The ratings and ranges are below:

      0-8: Non-Performer  

      9-16: Low Performer  

      17-24: Performer  

      25-32: High Performer  

      33-40: Exceptional Performer


      DD2 is where the rating ("non-performer", "low performer", etc.) will be captured. Instead of requiring the user to look at DD1, determine the value, and then identify and input the rating manually, I would like DD2 to auto populate the rating based on the value (sum) in DD1.


      For example, if DD1 shows a value of 27 then DD2 would auto populate "High Performer". So how do I write this code or execute this? In excel I would use an if, then statement. Is there something similar in Acrobat Pro XI.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.