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    HD to DVD setup for Encore CS5


      I'm pretty confused right now. I'm not sure where to turn.

      I've been a long-time user of Premiere Pro CS5. Now, as I'm attempting make a DVD from the HDV footage I've captured on my Sony Z5U (via the MCR1 Compact Flash recorder), I'm getting unacceptable DVDs with artifacts that look worse than a VHS copy! (lines and boxed pixels).

      I've searched the Internet for 3 days, and could only find more confusing chatter about how to produce a decent DVD. I know that the HD quality on my monitor can't be duplicated on a DVD (SD quality), so I'm expecting some degradation. It's bad enough to wait several hours for the transcoding process to complete--but then I then get a crummy DVD.

      Perhaps I'm wishing the un-doable. But life sure got complcated with the HD format.

      My imported video files are:

      1440x1080i (30fps) AVCHD video (actually, I'm not sure if its interlaced or progressive)

      Sequence settings for the timeline in PPCS5 is:

      Editing Mode: HDV 1080i  29.97 fps

      Frame Size: 1440x1080  16x9

      Pixel Aspect Ration is HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)

      Upper field First

      Video Previews codec is MPEG I-Frame 1440x1080

      Maximum Render Quality


      I link the edited timeline directly into Encore and proceed with DVD transcoding and buring. The 95 minute edited project takes at least 6 hours to transcode (snore!!).

      So any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.