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    CS6 Toolbar Left Click acting as right click.

    Zalgariath Level 1

      Hi, this is annoying the begezzes out of me but I cant find a answer anywhere online.


      For unknown reasons running PS CS6 on Windows 7 I have encountered the following annoying behavior and cant turn it off.


      All the tools that have multiple options when left clicked to select, have started popping up the right click menu.


      Eg - I left click the Paint Bucket Tool and instead of just selecing the tool it pops up the "Gradient / Paint Bucket / 3D Material" menu as if I had right clicked.


      I have closed and reopened the toolbar, reset all the tools and restarted the program to no effect.


      Has anyone experience this behavior and worked out how to turn it off so left clicking simply selects the tool, and right clicking pops up the menu like it should?



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          scl8701 Level 1

          It has been annoying me for YEARS too...and I finally solved it.


          It's a simple reduction in double-click speed of your mouse. I thought it couldn't be that - because why would the double-click affect the right click? But it works, mate. Try it.


          Here's a suggestion to see if this would resolve the issue for you:

          - Take note of the current double-click speed.

          - Set it to the minimum/slowest.

          - Apply settings without closing the window.

          - See if the change has any effect in Photoshop.

          - If it works, reset the speed and incrementally lower it while testing on Photoshop to find the critical point.

          - If it does not work, reset the speed and weep.

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