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    Flash 6 legacy use of _root

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      I use Flash about twice a year, so I really only have half a clue...

      I have an old Flash 6 app that I want to reuse as part of a new project. It
      uses _root extensively. Soooo I toldya I only have half a clue :-(

      Anyway, I am trying to load it into a movieclip on screen:-

      myMovie = "mySwf.swf";

      This works just fine :-)

      Now, here's the thing. The file was built and published as Flash 6, and
      works fine on its own. But once I import it into a new Flash file, it stops
      working - specifically there is some XML parsing code used to dynamically
      create a menu that is failing.

      Among other things I've tried matching Flash publish versions - so make sure
      both old file and container are published as Flash 6, for instance. No Joy.

      So I tried publishing the old file as Flash 7 (and 8, 9), and it stopped
      working as standalone, and still didn't work in the container. I tried
      ActionScript 1 and 2 (either is fine as Flash 6) still no joy.

      Anyway - rather than bore you further, is there a good article anywhere that
      helps to troubleshoot and fix idiot use of _root?

      Oh, I should add that I have experimented with lockRoot too, with only
      limited success.