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    Timeline with scroll (parallax) urgent, please help


      Hello my name is Kevin Jin,

      I have a school project I ened to turn in and I would like to have a parallax website.

      The project is due soon, and I would like to finish it more quickly.

      I tried teh implementation on EDge dock's prallax, but because of the long long contect, it did not work out that well.

      So.. I came back to old Traditional way


      This webiste, I loved the implementatoin,

      but the problem was that I did not get it, and also I would like it to make it verticle, like up and down not sideways,

      and also I would liek it to maek it work on a iPad too, I have not tried it but I would like it to work on a ipad..

      Thanky ou for all the help.

      If you can, please contact me through skype : Kevin2019170

      Thank you and have a great day