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    "The export operation failed because it ran out of memory"

    armando inquig Level 1

      I'm trying to export from Flash CS5 to an mov.


      Project is in custom size (874  x 480) but when saved to SWF it's not really

      that big (15mb). So I'm a little confused.


      Anyone encountered this error message?


      This is quite new to me.


      I've got 2 HD on my mac with each having at least 2Tb available each,

      so don't think its that.


      Memory is 8GB and I got nothing running except the Flash CS5.


      Need some help my friends. Client

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          When exporting are you selecting to export in RAM or Disk? If you're selecting RAM then choose Disk. Please remember CS5 is 32bit so it cannot use any RAM beyond around 3.7GB, regardless how much you have. Complex vectors and large bitmaps can easily eat that up. Choosing to render on Disk rather than in RAM should help.

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            Not sure if your problem has been solved. Flash is flat broken on this. I am using CS6, same problem, same headache. Adobe should be ashamed for not fixing this issue. Someone even suggest to use third party screen capture tool like Camtasia? Why don't you just remove the Export from your Flash menu all together if anything beyong 30 seconds of video export would fail?


            In the meantime, Try download Swivel from cnet. The app will happily convert your SWF to anyformat you like. Both Mac and Windows version are available. This was one of the best life saver I ever downloaded from cnet.