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    Audition saved wav file can't be played in Android device




      I am using Audition CS6 version5.0 to edit wav file and play in Android device for test.I have one wav file that can be played with a android device, I only to use my Audiotion CS6 to open it and save as another file, then this file can't be played with the same device.


      Bad one feedback:

      hdr.fmt_sz 18 hdr.bits_per_sample = 16hdr.audio_format = 1

      Aplay:aplay: '/data/media/Spk_R_Bot.wav' is not pcm format


      Good one feedback:

      hdr.fmt_sz 16 hdr.bits_per_sample = 16hdr.audio_format = 1

      aplay: Playing '/data/media/Spk_R_Bot.wav':Signed 16 bit Little Endian

      aplay: Samplerate[44100]Channels[2]

      Aplay: Done playing


      It looks that the head format of wav file is changed from hdr.fmt_sz 16 to hdr.fmt_sz 18, how to config my Audition that saving the wav same as the good file and can be played with android device.