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    Problems with .aaf import in premiere pro cc




      So I'm having problems with importing an aaf file into premiere. The weird thing is it was working about a week and a bit ago, then stopped. I can't work out why, to my knowledge nothing has changed but if someone could point me in the right direction that would be massively appreciated.


      I'm using premiere pro cc and avid media composer. I'm trying to export from avid and import into premiere. I'm creating an .aaf file in avid and trying to import into premiere. When I press import, the progress bar comes up and gets stuck instantly. I can close the aaf import window, but then it leaves the import files progress bar still up and premiere stops responding completely.


      At first it worked fine, within premiere I can still use the aaf files already imported, I just can't import more (I can't even import the files I had previously done successfully). I just can't work out why?


      Any help would be massively appreciated,