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    Problem opening Photoshop


      Hi guys I've been using photoshop on my laptop for some time now, but today when I tried to open it an error message came up saying : the procedure entry point_clean_type_info_names_internal could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR90.dll. Any ideas how to get it to open properly, thanks, Will

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          Either you've installed a bad runtime library, a bad third party plugin, or the Photoshop binaries have been corrupted on disk.


          Have you installed or updated anything since Photoshop was last working?

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            Will-hsr Level 1

            Hi Chris, I was on a trial membership, and converted to subscription, so I

            downloaded all the updates and now I get the above message when I try to

            open it, it also says I need windows 7 or above to run the program but I do

            have windows 7. Im in the process of uninstalling creative cloud which

            worked fine photoshop will not uninstall, Ill keep trying in the mean time

            but ant ideas would be greatly appreciated, regards Will