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    google map API with Flex

      Hi All,

      How can I integrate google map API with Flex?
      Has anybody done it?

      Please send your Comments\Ideas to get it done.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Pradeep Shinde
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          Currently there is no API to port in google maps directly into flex.

          But you can emulate it occuring. Design a space in your flex app where you want the google maps to go. Then in the html float the google maps div exactly over the space you've allocated. You can even get advanced and use a HDividedBox and javascript calls to be able to resize the google maps with your flex application to make it even more seemless
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            Pradeep_shinde Level 1

            You have any Demo example?

            Thanks and Regards,
            Pradeep Shinde
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              Garyl Woolworth Level 1
              He's talking about using an HTML component similiar to the one at the following link.
              Then create a local html file that embeds google maps via javascript or AJAX if you're into that sort of thing... Once you have your html file embedding the map correctly set the HTML component source in flex to the local HTML file you just created. You can interact with the map via javascript methods and ExternalInterface. The only other way that it would be possible would be to embed Google maps into flash using this guys component http://www.afcomponents.com/components/g_map/ and then embedding that swf into Flex, you could then interact with the map using LocalConnection. This is how it used to have to be done for YahooMaps until they created an AS3 wrapper for there API. Either one isn't a great solution but they'll both work. Hope this helps.