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    Auto Save in Audition CS6


      I know where to enable auto save in the multitrack prefs, but have no clue where that data is stored, how to access it if I need to recover and if that location can be changed.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Ninja

          It's recovery data, gathered automatically and it's stored in wherever you set your temp location to. Audition decides whether you need to recover data - users don't get to choose about that. Recovery data is lost when you restart Audition after a normal shut-down; it only does recovery from crashes.


          It has also recently been discovered that if you recover from a crash, that you need to re-establish where you are recording new files to - otherwise they end up in the temp recovery area, not saved properly, and you will lose everything you recorded next time you restart. The devs are attending to this, apparently!