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    How to synchronize a stylesheet (.xfs file) in Workbench?




      my intention is to have several pdf forms (generated in LiveCycle Designer ES4) with the same stylesheet (generated in LiveCycle Designer ES4). If I change the stylesheet, the new style should be applied to all forms. Therefore I will use LiveCycle Workbench (because other developers can change the style as well).


      I'm working with the LiveCycle Workbench ES4 for only a few days now and I have the following problem:


      For test purposes, I've generated a form stylesheet (.xfs file) defining a color for texts and imported it into my Workbench and checked it in. For testing, I installed a second instance of LiveCycle Workbench ES4 on another computer. In that second Workbench, I synchronized the stylesheet and checked it out. Then I changed the stylesheet (just picked another color for text) and checked it in again.


      When I now synchronize the stylesheet on the first Workbench, the history of the asset shows the applied changes. But if I open the stylesheet in LiveCycle Designer, there is the same color like before: no changes.


      Obviously, the changes were uploaded to the server - otherwise the changes wouldn't be mentioned in the history. But why are there no visible changes in the stylesheet?


      I tested the same scenario with an image and the changes were visible on other Workbenches. So it seems, that the synchronisation does work in general.


      Why does it not work with form stylesheets (.xfs file)?


      I'm looking forward for help. Thank you!



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          I am having a simlar issue where I have forms that reference external stylesheets. I have found that the styles are displayed correctly in designer when the forms (and fragments) are being developed, but when the pdfs are rendered by the forms server the external styles are not applied.


          But, when those same styles are embedded in the form they work as expected. Which is not a viable option in my case as I am in the process of integrating our organisations 300 (odd) forms into LC.


          I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of days trying to find the cause, but as of this stage I have had no luck. Hopefully, someone can shed some light on this issue/bug.

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            I figured out a work-around for this issue.


            1. Undeploy the application that has your stylesheet
            2. Make a copy of the stylesheet
            3. Delete the old stylesheet (This will only mark it for deletion)
            4. Check-In the old stylesheet (Make sure you remember the name of this stylesheet)
            5. Rename your newly copied stylesheet to whatever the name of the old stylesheet was (Anything that was pointed at the old stylesheet should now point to this)
            6. Make the changes you want to the new copy of the stylesheet
            7. Check-In the stylesheet
            8. Re-deploy that application