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    jonnybennett Level 1
      For some reason when I try and exaluate maxscroll it only works if it is on an onRelease.

      I have a function to find out if maxScroll is larger than 1. However this function needs to be triggered twice by a mc with an onRelease before it executes properly. I thought this might be a timing issue... i.e. the text hadn't been loaded before the the function was called and therefore the maxScroll couldn't evaluate, but if i trace the text and the maxScroll to the function the text is coming out fine but the maxScroll evaluates to 1 (not 11). If you then click on an mc that also runs this same function it then correctly evaluates the maxScroll. Why it not do it correctly the first time?

      Any ideas... i know this is a little complicated in explanation but it is driving me crazy... thanks J.
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          jonnybennett Level 1
          Suffice to say it was a kind of timing issue... basically I was changing the size of the text height after i loaded the text and then trying to evaluate the maxscroll... however if you change the textbox height then load the text then evaluate the maxscroll it works...
          It is safe to say that there is nothing more satisfying and frustrating than when you struggle for hours on something as lame as that.... ahhhhhh... why didn't i become an artist? no right or wrongs... bye.