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    linking to a pdf in Rh10 WebHelp

    CindyVance Level 1

      I have a .pdf file that I want to "display" when selected from the TOC.  I work on several products Online Help projects in RoboHelp 10.  Two of the products use HTML Help and I generate .CHM files for them.  One of these projects has a book with a page that links to a .pdf in the Baggage Files folder.  After the .CHM file is generated and I click on the Page (with this link), it pulls up the .pdf document in the window where help text usually appears.


      I want to do this same thing in RoboHelp 10 in a WebHelp project.  I set it up the same way that the other project is set up for this book and page.  The .pdf is in the Baggage Files folder and the Page link points to it there.  I then Save and Generate it and view the results and AM NOT ABLE to pull up the .pdf document.  I then generated a .CHM file from the same project and WAS ABLE to pull up the .pdf document (so this tells me that it is at least set up in the same way as my other project).


      Does this link to a .pdf document not work in WebHelp or is there some other procedure or step that I need to take to make this happen in WebHelp?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!