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    Saving files within a movie


      I am creating a movie that contains a gallery of thumbnail images. Hi-res versions of the images are in a folder on the CD. My client wants to be able to click on a given image & be able to save the hi-res version to a location on the harddrive. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about it? Is there a way (through lingo) to have the movie open a Windows explorer-type window accessing the images folder so the client could do a 'save as'?

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          There are a few xtras that can handle this sort of thing. FileIO is
          built in and free, but a tad difficult to use. My absolute
          recommendation is to use BuddyAPI which is freeto use up to 2 functions,
          though you may need more depending upon what you want to do. You can
          download it here:


          There is a function called baGetFileName which will bring up the
          standard Windows dialog to get a filename. There are also commands to
          copy or move files.

          If your images are Director members, as opposed to external files on the
          computer, then you can easily make them into an external image with
          the free Sharp Image Export xtra: