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    Building Class Explorer




      I am trying to build Class (Object Model) Explorer in Flex,

      so it would show user Classes within Classes and allow View/Add/Edit/Delete them.

      This is not Flex classes, but kind of ORM system for user data.

      So I receive user data as from DB with a row like:

      Path (class4.class3.class2) - not like package, but true hierachical data.

      Class (Class1 which consists of Attributes (primitives), say Strings, Ints, etc)


      Need to build a Tree from that and put it in the 1st ADG column.

      I have 1000s of Classes, and it can go 10+ levels deep.


      So any idea how to build a tree (HierarchicalData) out of that (true hierarchical data, not grouping)?

      Any code samples? 

      I created a POC, here is an exerpt of input data for a tree:



      public var acClasses:Object = {

        category:"root", children: [

          new PathVO("class4", [

             new PathVO("class3", [

                new PathVO("class2", [

                  new ClassVO("Class1", { "Attr1", "Attr2", "Attr3"} )

                ] )

             ] )

           ] )



      Please advise!

      Thank you in advance,
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          olegkon Level 1


          so in a nutshell I need to get an algoritm or code sample

          to convert a flat data coming from DB, where:

          row = path + className + 1 attribute (attrName + attrType)

          into true hierarchical data as above,

          which I can put into ADG:

          adg.dataProvider= {new HierarchicalData(data)}