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    Three New Nooks Will Not Authorize


      I recently purchased three nook hd devices.  I am attempting to put library books on them via ADE, my only option for this procedure.  I have tried deleting the folder containing ade files and reconnecting, plugging in, etc.  The Adobe Digital Editions program never notices these three devices.  I do have an older Nook Color which is had no issue recognizing.  I have google'd this issue until I was ready to strangle someone. I really need some help here. Otherwise I have three devices whose primary purpose cannot be achieved.  I am running Windows 7.  Thanks.


      It is my understanding that ADE will recognize up to six devices, it seems that only the new nooks are having this issue, so maybe there's a software compatibility problem.



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          sjpt Level 4

          Tablets usually don't show up in ADE (unlike dedicated ereader devices).


          You authorize the tablet via whichever Adobe DRM compatible ereader app you are running on the tablet.

          I suggest Bluefire, also consider Aldiko or Overdrive, or the tablet may have one pre-installed.


          If you need to you can copy books to the tablet from Windows using Windows Explorer, the tablet should show up as a mounted drive.

          Or you can copy them using something like Dropbox.

          You should then be able to read them on the tablet.

          As a tablet is more powerful than a dedicated ereader, you can probably buy/borrow books directly on the tablet and avoid ADE completely if you prefer.


          You can indeed have up to 6 devices (including computers ruinning ADE) authorized with any Adobe account/ID.

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            lilmamaroo Level 1

            I cannot copy the files to the ereader without using ade because of the way the library works.

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              lilmamaroo Level 1

              Thank you! I had no idea I needed an app to add books. I downloaded overdrive, it asked me to add my library, I did so. I logged in, authorized my nook, and got my book! Yay!!