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    Digital editions ebook Mac ipad2 help


      I am unable to download Adobe digital editions for Mac on my new ipad2 which is required for reading/downloading books from Cleveland public library. This is really why I purchased the device as my vision is diminishing and the stretching is a great feature but.....any tips?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 (ADE) does not run on tablets, it is for Mac or PC.


          For a tablet, install compatible Adobe DRM ereader app.  I suggest Bluefire; also consider Akdiko or Overdrive but some people have issues registering them. Overdrive can be particularly easy for library books.  Some tablets come with such an app preinstalled.  Authorize the tablet from within the app to use your Adobe ID (details vary from app to app, usually somewhere within Settings)

          For Bluefire on the iPad it is under the Information icon at top right.


          The tablet may well be able to download books without use of ADE at all.  If you do want to transfer books from ADE/computer, use a file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder) to copy to the tablet as mounted drive, or use a utility such as Dropbox.

          Apple unhelpfully don't show the iPad storage as a mounted drive, so you must use Dropbox, iTunes or similar to transfer.

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            Techidiot Level 1

            Both worked out great - thanks so much for your input!