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    Problem with importing tagged text


      I need some help.


      I have the following text. When I import the file it comes in with the tags as text. How do I import it and have the tags work?



      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Rig-A-Lite XP and MHD LED
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>LED lighting technology for Class II environments
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Provide 60,000 hours of zero-maintenance performance
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Gives the right quality and quantity of light to assure employee productivity and safety
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Saves energy and operational costs
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Comes with a five-year warranty and ability to upgrade the technology
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>NEXTTEQ LLC VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generators for Respirator Fit Testing
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Patented design integrates all components into one convenient device
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Small, attached bellows provide the optimum amount of smoke yet minimize overexposure.
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Unlike other test methods, there is no need for nebulizers, pumps, mixing jars, batteries, test masks, probes, or hoods
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>No parts to calibrate, warm up, sterilize, or clean
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Complete, safe, ready-to-use, OSHA-compliant fit testing kit
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>KC Supply Co. Inc. Red Rescue Power-Auger
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Lightweight and Portable
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Use power drill or hand crank
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Power drill can remove approximately one (1) bushel of wheat within 30 seconds
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>View auger in operation at Feed & Grain.com by typing in the Search ID:11127075 </a>
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Hensley Feed Transportation Equipment TRAM Fall Restraint System
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Creates a completely safe area on top of unit
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Uses 5-Point harness for fall restraint
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>OSHA Approved
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Available on Straight Trucks or Trailers
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Can be retro-fitted on existing equipment
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Draeger Safety X-plore 1300
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Unique head steap tension adjuster
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Non-irritating textile straps
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>2 sizes to choose from
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Available in N95 and R95, with or without comfort valve
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>RBHM&E Liberty Rescue Tube
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Constructed of four sections easily maneuvered into place
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Patented unit drive prevents damage to interlocking units as they are forced into the grain
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Support handle placed inside the tube can aid the victim
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Tube training available
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Flexible Lifeline Systems Twin FlexRail System
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Bypass capability for two workers
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Enclosed track eliminates dust, debris, snow and ice buildup
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Capable of 100-foot spans between supports and 30-foot cantilevers past the end supports
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>1:100 movement-to-weight ratio ensures trolley always remains overhead
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Durable <0x2014> up to 25-year life expectancy
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Ruwac FRV1400 Portable Electric Explosion Proof Vacuum
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>OSHA-compliant 5 HP vacuum with a compact frame designed for explosive dust situations
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Use for point-of-source extraction, general plant housekeeping, and heavy pickup in and around production equipment and storage areas
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Provides years of maximum safety, high performance cleaning, low maintenance costs and easy operation
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Made in the USA and built to order
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>ETL certified to UL and CSA standards for Class I Div 1, 2 Group D and Class II Div 1, 2 Group F & G and DS1400-EX explosion-proof
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>CEEC Inc. Safety Rail System
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Easy to install using our crew or yours
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Durable, powder coated, galvanized decking
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Makes it easy to fill, install top aeration tubes, tarp and monitor grain pile
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>MSA Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL)
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Features a standard 400-pound maximum working capacity
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Assemble-to-order (ATO) flexibility
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Length options from 6- to 12-feet
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Optional field-replaceable lifeline
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>WALINGA INC. Fall Restraint
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Easy to operate
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Air-operated or manually operated
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Auto fold-down
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Hy-Safe Technology Fall Protection Installations
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Turnkey provider of OSHA fall protection solutions
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Service includes assessment, design, engineering, fabrication, installation, testing, certification and training
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Fabrications and installations of platforms, steel supports, ladders, catwalks and guard rails
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>KC Supply Co. Inc. Rescue Wall
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Unique, patent-pending design
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Unlimited configurations from ball-and-socket pivot and bend in panel
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Round tube, straight barrier wall, S-curve, C-shape
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Durable #6061 grade aluminum
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Simple installation
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>Fall Protection Systems Corp. Platform Access Systems
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Turnkey, custom engineered solutions
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Overhead fall protection hybrid solutions
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Standard platform options available
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card
      <ParaStyle:pTitle>FHF Safety Products Ex-ResistTel Hazardous Area Telephone
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Ideally suited for any tough industrial application indoors or outdoors
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Can be integrated with virtually any analog telephone system
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Rugged glass fiber reinforced polymer construction requires no additional enclosure and has type 4x environmental ratings
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>All electronics are fully encapsulated and protected from corrosive and humid environments
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>UL Approved for Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D
      <ParaStyle:pBullet>Includes a programmable alphanumeric display
      <ParaStyle:pInquiry>Circle ?? on card