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    Changes made in one symbol show up in another


      I have a symbol called "A." I needed 2 copies of it, so I duplicated A and renamed the new symbol to B. I now have A and B, identical copies of each other.


      I navigated inside symbol A where I entered another symbol, "A1." Inside A > A1, I removed an image and added another image. No problem so far.


      Then, I returned to the stage and navigated into symbol B > B1. To my surprise, the same image change I made in A > A1 already appeared in B > B1 (even though I duplicated A **before** making this change).


      When I change the image inside B > B1, that same change is now present back in A > A1.


      It's as if these two symbols, A and B, are mirrors of each other, even after being modified. Trouble is, I don't want mirrors. I need them to be slightly different.


      I thought the Duplicate step might be my problem. I started over (both by undoing several steps and by closing and creating a new document entirely). This time, I copied A and pasted it onto the stage. I ran into the same problems.


      Ok, next guess: this time, I entered symbol A and copied its elements/sub-symbols. I went back to the stage and pasted them there. Selected these elements/symbols and converted to a new symbol. Same problem!


      I am stumped. I **really** don't want to recreate each element/sub-symbol. There are many of them and it would be very tedious. Please help me avoid that!