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    Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Audio Will Not Play?


      I'm trying to make a video for a friend's birthday, but the audio WILL NOT PLAY no matter what I try. I've looked at all of the possible solutions that I could find for this, and even tried to remake the entire project, ONLY TO FIND THAT THE AUDIO STILL WON'T PLAY. It's driving me insane how twitchy this product is. Sometimes it plays audio, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it plays audio through one speaker but not the other, and sometimes it plays through both speakers just fine. Usually a quick adjustment on the speaker volume would fix it, but not this time. It simply does not want to work. I'm seriously considering getting a new editing software and staying as far away from Adobe Premiere Elements as possible. Unless there is a quick easy fix for this glitch. And I know for a fact the audio is there, because it shows the audio underneath the video. I can play audio just fine everywhere else, but not in Premiere Elements 11. If anyone has any solutions for this, PLEASE let me know. I was hoping to finish this up today in time for my friend's birthday but then this glitch happened and I can't get any audio whatsoever. I've tried adjusting the audio settings, changing the ASIO driver settings, and all that stuff that I googled before. IT WILL NOT WORK. If anyone has any fixes for this, PLEASE let me know.