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    Issue with displaying Hindi script/font/language properly.

    Vidit Kothari Level 1

      I am using Google Input Tools for writing Hindi text (Indian Language) by typing English letters which gets Transliterated by Google Tool.


      Sys Config: Windows 7
      InDesign version: CS6
      Font used: Mangal (pre-installed in Windows 7)


      In some places the text works fine whereas in some characters there are some issues that bar InDesign from rendering them properly. MS Word renders the text precisely.

      Screenshots to help you understand my issue:


      Screenshot 1: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/880/e6ZOQm5t.png (Testing the Font in MS Word - I)

      Screenshot 2: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/904/uydThvO.png (Testing the Font in MS Word - II)

      Screenshot 3: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1919/0YXka6YK.png (Testing the Font in Adobe InDesign CS6 - I)

      Screenshot 4: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1514/ioJmqtAi.png (Testing the Font in Adobe InDesign CS6 - II)


      As you can see from the screenshots linked above, the MS Word is able to render the Google Input Text properly but Adobe InDesign CS6 doesn't


      Please help me solve this problem/issue ASAP. Will be so greatful.


      I've no idea about Language/Font support and Scripts (Latin, Unicode, etc)