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    Wacom Cintiq drawing laggy in Mavericks with Flash CC


      I just moved my cintiq over to my mac and I am seeing 1 second lag when drawing with the brush or the pencil.


      if I slowly draw with the brush, the line will stall for one second, and then suddenly fill in up to the cursor. it will then stall for another second and then quickly fill in up to the point of the cursor.


      The shape look accurate compared to what I am drawing, it's just that it's hard to get real-time feedback with what I am drawing.


      For the record. if I draw a rect. the rect follows the pen with no lag. drawing in Flash CS6 works perfectly. drawing in photoshop CC works perfectly.


      it's just with the brush and pencil. on the mac with the latest mavericks install and an updated Flash CC.


      Any help would be appreciated.