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    Where to add a drive for audio samples, etc.

    grandpooba2 Level 1

      I have a system for video work that is a internal c drive for apps. A raid drive E for video files and projects. A raid drive F for the cache, etc.

      I have now added Presonus studio one to this machine to score music for film so I have Kontakt 5, symphobia, and other software orchestral samplers.

      Should I setup an external drive for the sampler libraries to live on or could I just use the F drive as well without bugging premier pro.

      I do have an external drive (black widow drive swapables) but I don't belive it is usb 3. Not sure on that.

      Any ideas would be great. My c drive currnetly has all the samplers libraries on it and I think it might be gettin a lil slow sooner or later.