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    InDesign Link to specific page in a .pdf file

    LaurieWachter Level 1

      I have an article index that I keep in InDesign.  Each item in the index points to a specific page in a separate .pdf file.  Is there a way, in InDesign, to create a link that will open the .pdf file to a specific page?  The InDesign file contains buttons and is exported to an interactive .pdf file.  For example, I may have an article from volume one, page two.  In the interactive index, I would like the user to be able to click on this link and open newsletter volume one and jump to page two.  I have never found a way to do this in InDesign and currently have to create the text portion of the index in InDesign, export it to an interactive .pdf file and then create all of the links directly in Acrobat Professional.  This is very time consuming because whenever I need to update the index, I need to re-export to a new interactive .pdf file and recreate ALL of the links in Acrobat.  There should be a way to do this in InDesign.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          There SHOULD be a way, yes. But there is none. It's not about Indesign, it's the PDF and handling of action like "Open file".

          I tried button actions like "Open file" in Indesign, but you only select the file name and path, nothing else.

          If you do the same in Acrobat, by putting an action "Open file" for a hyperlink, it will be the same.


          The only thing that works is to use an URL like http://www.yourdomain.com/yourfile.pdf#page=3, where #page=3 can do what you want. You could even place that URL in Indesign or Acrobat, but the PDF would a) open in a browser and b) the PDF reader will always pop up that requester before opening internet links and c) the file would have to be on the internet.


          Perhaps Acrobat Javascript could do more here, but then you'd have to embed it somehow in Acrobat (I wouldn't know if Indesign can do that) and Javascript would have to be allowed for that PDF. Not a good choice.

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            LaurieWachter Level 1

            Bummer.  I've tried inserting the #page=3 text and that does not work either.  I'm working on network files, not web files.  The .pdf will open, but will still not open to the correct page.  This should not be so hard to do.