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    Dynamic Menus

      I was wondering if this is possible. Imagine if you will, putting in a CD and having it autorun a flash file. This flash file opens and has a menu system. Basically imagine a square. A column of buttons on the left and an empty frame on the right. When you click on the "Word Documents" button on the left column a complete list of the word documents contained on the CD is displayed in the right empty frame. Clicking on a word document opens that document. When you click on the "Powerpoint Documents" button the right frame changes and the list of powerpoint docs replaces the word docs. Clicking on a powerpoint doc opens it. Is such a menu system possible in Flash? I know the left menu buttons changing the right frame content is possible, but what I was really wondering is if its easy to make the right frame content change easily? Or does it have to basically be recreated for every single disc when the content changes? Specifically, is there a way to make a generic file I can just change text and link info in that will be pulled up by the left menu buttons? I would hate to have to recreate this file from scratch EVERY time. Also this right frame would need to dynamically put in a vertical scroll bar if content changed and the amount necessitated one. I am just trying to automate a project before I start it and dont want to waste a week trying to figure it all out if someone else knows it isnt possible. Thanks for any help.